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Transition Services

transition.jpgAIM offers services and programming for students ages 14-24 to help them transition from school to work and further school, and live independent and self-directing lives.

A coordinated set of activities for each student promotes movement from school to post-school life. While in school, AIM provides assistance to students and parents/guardians for CSE meetings and IEP transition planning, and advocacy with school personnel is provided.

Vocational exploration and training are the cornerstones of AIM's programming for youth and young adults with disabilities. Participants explore and observe a variety of jobs and work settings, and they also receive job training and coaching.

Also, AIM teach students skills that are necessary to independent living, and students participate in peer support groups; local social events; activities that increase social awareness and skills building; and much more.

AIM emphasizes education, knowledge and social awareness.

To help with student transition, AIM created a transition academy, a stand-alone environment dedicated to serving students, parents, and educators, provides on-site training and social integration; a resource room for parents; and a place for educators to learn more about working with independent living and students and young adults with disability.

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