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Money Follows the Person


The Money Follows the Person Identification of and Outreach to Nursing Home Residents Project (MFP) is a program that identifies and reaches out to nursing-home residents who are Medicaid recipients, who want to explore transitioning back into the community. MFP provides comprehensive and unbiased information about home- and community-based services.

Contact with nursing-home residents and/or their legal representatives is conducted by peers, including seniors and people with disabilities. Whenever possible, contact will be made in person. If an in-person meeting can’t be arranged, email and phone calls may be used.

Communicating with outreach peers is strictly voluntary.

Nursing-home residents and legal representatives who have not been identified by project criteria can request to meet with outreach workers. Additionally, family members and professional staff may make referrals.

MFP outreach workers will inform facility discharge planners of a resident’s desire to return to the community when requested to do so by the resident or the resident’s legal representatives.

Once equipped with information, residents and/or their legal representatives can work with discharge planners to arrange a transition back into the community with appropriate services.

When necessary, MFP outreach workers can assist discharge planners in locating community services for their residents.

For more information, contact Sara Rockwell-Smith at or (607) 962-8225, ext. 130.