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Management Team

Chief Executive Officer
René Snyder, ext. 117 |

Executive Assistant to the CEO
Amber Mulhollen, ext. 113 |

Chief Operations Officer, Grant Based Programs
John Zick, ext. 116 |

Chief Operations Officer, Fee for Service Programs
Rhona Johnson, ext. 228 |

Chief Financial Officer
Craig Ridosh, ext. 131 | 

Director of Human Resources
Brooke Bennett, ext. 120 | 

General Manager
Todd Adams, ext. 136 |

Director of Information Technology
Lou Ciarlo, ext. 152 |

Director of Peer Support Services
Moffe, ext. 230 |

Director of Home Care Services and Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Services
Jessica Smith, ext. 128 |

Director of Independent Living Programs
Erin Morseman, ext. 146 |

Director of NHTD & TBI Waiver Programs
Rhona Johnson, ext. 228 |

Director of OPWDD Supports & Services
Brandy Reynolds, ext. 237 |

Quality Assurance
To submit a compliance concern via email:

Compliance Concern Form 

Board of Directors

Sabrina Mineo-O’Connell, President

Chris Petrillose, Vice President

Chris Coletta, Treasurer

Rick Johns, Secretary

Mary Ann Starbuck

Sally Ketchum

Jessica Smith

Laura Clark

Scott Stewart

If you are interested in joining AIM's board, contact AIM's executive director.