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AIM launches disability-awareness campaign

July 2, 2014

path1.jpgCORNING | More than 100,000 people in the Southern Tier have a disability, and each one has a story.

To help promote the individuality of disability and continue its mission to build an accessible community, AIM Independent Living Center has launched a new campaign centered around its annual disability awareness event, the STRIDES (Support The Rights of Individuals with Disabilities and Establish a Spirit) for Independence Walk. The STRIDES for Independence Campaign will encourage community members to share how disability affects their lives.

Leading up to the third annual walk Oct. 11 at Denison Park in Corning, local residents and businesses will have the opportunity to purchase a pair of awareness ribbons that will be displayed at the STRIDES for Independence Walk. The total cost of the ribbons is $5.

Each person who purchases a pair of ribbons will choose a disability that affects his/her life, or the life of a loved one. Most disabilities have an established color associated with them.

The first ribbon – a smaller, fabric ribbon – will be displayed on a ribbon wall at the walk. The second ribbon – a larger, paper ribbon – will be placed along the walk route, named “The Path to Independence.” The larger ribbon will contain a name and a message.

A majority of the campaign/walk proceeds will benefit AIM’s disability services, but some of the money will be reinvested directly into the community, in the form of a $500 grant. The objective of the grant is to fund a program that enhances the lives of people with disabilities.

For more information about the grant, click here, or contact John Zick at 962-8225 or The application deadline is Aug. 8.

Information about the campaign is available here, or by contacting Emily Cowan at 962-8225 or