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Bluebird Trail Farm receives AIM's Community Project Award

Aug. 14, 2015

bluebird.jpgCORNING | AIM Independent Living Center recently presented its Community Project Award to the Bluebird Trail Farm in Corning.

Three times each year, AIM Independent Living Center’s Sunshine Fund Committee presents a $100 Community Project Award to a cause that benefits the community. The Community Project Award is funded by AIM’s Sunshine Fund, an employee-driven monetary account. Award recipients are chosen by the Sunshine Fund Committee, which oversees the account.

AIM representatives recently presented the award to Bluebird Trail Farm owner Margie Seiderman.

Bluebird Trail Farm is a friendly, educational farm that offers fresh, locally grown agricultural products, as well as a great learning environment for students. This farm is located in the hills of Corning and is committed to growing fresh, chemical-free produce and healthy, pasture-raised meats.

Margie will use the $100 award to accommodate individuals with disabilities by providing more accessible areas around the farm to ensure that all people have an opportunity to explore.

For the past two years, AIM’s Transition Program has had the opportunity to explore the farm, where students learn about different aspects of farm work. They learn how to care for animals, prepare fresh eggs for market, use tools, tend to bluebird houses, and grow fresh vegetables.

One of the students’ favorites is when Margie prepares dishes fresh from her garden and has students perform a taste test.

In addition to welcoming students from AIM, Bluebird Trail Farm also accommodates students from New York City when they come to the region as part of the Fresh Air Fund.