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AIM launching crisis-intervention service

Aug. 28, 2014

CORNING | On Sept. 2, AIM Independent Living Center will launch a crisis-intervention program for individuals with disabilities who face an immediate risk of institutionalization.

Crisis Relief Intervention Services and Immediate Support (CRISIS) is a rapid-response program that provides short-term case management and skills training to people with disabilities. This program will provide more immediate and intensive support than is typically provided by existing programs.

The program is designed to serve as a bridge to long-term supports and services. Individuals with disabilities and their families that need assistance identifying resources and navigating services are encouraged to reach out to this program.

“Too often, we see individuals with disabilities face institutionalization, homelessness and isolation while they wait for long-term supports and services. And many times, people don’t realize they need help until the 11th hour,” said John Zick, AIM’s director of government and public affairs. “This program will provide much-needed intervention for those individuals.”

Situations that could meet the definition of “crisis” under this program include: risk of homelessness, food insecurity, utilities being shut off, a medical need for transportation that can’t be met, or cases that place the well-being of dependents in jeopardy. The CRISIS program is a rapid-response program, but it is not an emergency telephone counseling service.

For more information about this program, contact Zick (607) 962-8225 or AIM is currently taking referrals for the CRISIS program. Call our office and ask for the advocate on duty.