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AIM cultivates accessible communities by advocating for change, building partnerships and promoting individual choice.

Core Services

As an independent living center, AIM provides five core services: Peer counseling; information and referral; independent living skills; individual and systems advocacy; and transition. These core services support many programs and services under the AIM umbrella.


AIM turns no one from its doors, and there is no economic or other qualifying requirement to receive support from AIM.

Our Family

The board of directors and the staff of AIM are predominantly individuals with disabilities; they act then as peers to our consumers and have a fuller understanding of what it means to live the life of an individual with disability.


AIM's funding sources include the federal government, the New York state government, fee-for-service initiatives, private foundations, area businesses and private donors.


Independent living centers (ILCs) do not adhere to the beliefs of traditional rehabilitation systems, which generally require people to fit into preconceived notions of what constitutes success. Instead, ILCs are based in the philosophy that individuals with disabilities have the right to make their own choices and have their own dreams; to take their own risks and experience failure and success. Following this belief, individuals with disabilities have the basic human rights to self-determination; to participate in, and contribute to, life in their communities; and to decide what independence means to them individually. AIM works to support all choices, dreams, risks, and processes unconditionally, with no judgment of the person and with the highest level of confidentiality.


Choice: At the core of AIM’s foundation is the enduring belief that everyone has the right to choose the direction their lives will take. AIM respects and supports the self-directed decisions of the people it serves.

Analysis: AIM regularly and strategically reviews the needs of the people it serves to ensure the organization readily provides the appropriate supports and services. AIM frequently analyzes its financial resources to ensure the same.

Commitment: AIM recognizes there may be barriers on the path to independence. AIM resolves to work exhaustively to help people reach their goals.

Investment: AIM invests time, training and resources into a dedicated workforce that is passionate and professional about the independent living philosophy.

Leadership: AIM believes steadfast leadership is paramount to success. AIM resolves to be resourceful and strong, while maintaining integrity and honesty. AIM employees strive to lead by example and empower others by providing them with the tools necessary to achieve their goals.